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Apex Equestrian Summer 2015

June 2015

It’s going to be a busy summer for Apex Equestrian Center. The horses just got back from two weeks of showing in Tryon and are heading out to Upperville next week. After that they will be at the Swan Lake shows for two weeks. Please check out the show pagefor a complete list of upcoming horse shows. The horses were amazing in Tryon. Georgie B was second in the Welcome Stake the first week and Andolin won a 1.40M class.VDL Dolonie was third in the 7yo qualifying class. All three of these horses are for sale and ready to win for you.

Apex Equestrian Center has sold five horses just in the last few weeks. We have many new sale horses coming all the time. We are lucky to get so many athletic, enjoyable horses to ride. Check out the sale page, I’m sure we have something to fill your needs.

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